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“I want to help the people in my community demonstrate that regardless of where we come from or the disadvantages we face, we are able to achieve our dreams if we just keep working hard,” he said.
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Tanya’s work with America’s Promise began in 2005 directing the planning and execution of professional development events designed to encourage greater focus and collaboration within communities to see that all young people receive the Five Promises.
Teachers should go beyond making diversity days holidays filled with flags, food, and language and focus on global fluency—the knowledge, skills, and mindset needed to live and work effectively and successfully in a globally connected world.
College Board
While the College Board might be best known for SAT and AP tests, their latest initiative doesn’t weigh scores for either.

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Liz Glaser

Manager, Strategic Initiatives and Partnerships
We view readiness as a set of academic and life skills young people develop over time that supports their growth and can help them succeed in school, in their post-grad career(s), and life.
Monika Kincheloe

Monika Kincheloe

Senior Director, GradNation Campaign
Focusing on academics alone is sufficient for young people’s success in school and life, we thought a good first step would be to review ESSA state plans to see how new accountability systems are shifting to reflect the high school experience.

Nico Connolly & Monika Kincheloe

America's Promise Staff
A new report released today, From a Nation at Risk to a Nation at Hope, helps answer the question: “How do we as a country shift from focusing purely on academics to fostering young people’s social and emotional growth, too?”

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America’s Promise Alliance today announced that its Board has tapped Board Vice Chair C. Gregg Petersmeyer to serve as its new Board Chair. Former Chair Alma Powell will step into a new role as the Board’s first Chair Emeritus.
As Department of Education reports the lowest increase in 6 years, national education advocates urge leaders across the nation to take action.
The 2014 guidance encouraged safety and dignity over exclusion, and more importantly helped to create learning environments free from the racial inequities caused by exclusionary discipline – so all young people can thrive.

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