Destination Graduation: Wyoming Valley Grad Nation Community Summit

United Way of Wyoming Valley believes that education is the single most influential factor in determining a child's success. In partnership with America’s Promise Alliance and several local organizations, we are convening a GradNation Community Summit in Wyoming Valley to explore innovative approaches to support young people in and out-of-school. As a champion for students, we hope you are able to attend to share your perspective and gain insight on how Wyoming Valley can better support students through high school graduation and beyond.

The summit will feature a keynote address from Dr. Leonard Sax, a successful author of four books on child and adolescent development. Dr. Sax is a family physician, board-certified in family medicine, currently in practice in suburban Philadelphia and holds a PhD in psychology.

Sessions will be led by subject matter experts representing local and statewide organizations. Hundreds of dedicated individuals, educators, business leaders, and community organizations will come together to examine local data, identify best practices, and address challenges in Wyoming Valley’s efforts to improve high school graduation rates and better prepare young

Partners: United Way of Wyoming Valley, America’s Promise Alliance, and Luzerne Intermediate Unit

Local Sponsors & Co-Conveners: United Way of Wyoming Valley, Luzerne Intermediate Unit #18, Children’s Service Center, UGI Inc.

Keynote Speaker:  Leonard Sax, MD, PhD

Featured Sessions:

  • Early Childhood Education
  • Family Engagement
  • Early Warning Systems
  • Career Readiness