GradNation Action Platform

Accelerating Progress to 90 Percent

America’s Promise could not be more proud of the progress made toward raising graduation rates over the last several years. The data shows us that to accelerate progress to a national high school graduation rate of 90 percent, we must meet the needs of young people whose lives feature the greatest complexity and we must employ diverse systems and supports. 

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The GradNation Action Platform

The GradNation Action Platform identifies the six areas that every community should act on to accelerate high school graduation rate improvements. These are not one-shot, silver bullet focus areas. In fact, a comprehensive approach – one that addresses three to six of these platform areas – is probably required in most places.

These six platform areas are based on the collective experience and expertise of individuals at organizations engaged with young people across the country, the experience of young people themselves, and our own research. The platform areas are a statement of best practice – they are what has been demonstrated to work to improve graduation outcomes for young people.

  • High Quality Data

    Use High Quality Data to monitor cohort progress, identify struggling students, inform effective interventions, and provide accountability for overall progress.

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  • Non-Academic Factors

    Respond to the non-academic factors that influence school participation and performance.

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  • School Climate

    Improve school climate by promoting a sense of caring and connection between students and in-school staff through disciplinary practices and policies that are inclusive and ensure students stay in school through to graduation.

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  • Caring Adult Relationships

    Increase the number and quality of caring adult relationships in students’ lives.

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  • Youth Re-Engagement

    Re-engage young people who have left school by providing accessible and effective options for completing high school prepared for success in college and/or career.

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  • Pathways

    Connect the high school experience with pathways to postsecondary education, workforce readiness and participation, and overall adult success.

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GradNation Acceleration Grant

With generous support from AT&T, America’s Promise will invest in two states and three communities to support more young people toward the critical milestone of high school graduation.

The application period closed on November 8, 2017

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