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    New National Data Provide High Schoolers’ Insights

    High school students reflect on a historic school year shaped by remote learning and attention to racial injustice.

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    UPDATED: GradNation Action Platform

    Check out this updated resource, including new research, new practical tools, and new data related to supporting students during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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    New Messaging Tools

    From the way we communicate about learning to the language we use to describe young people—our words tell a story. Check out two new messaging frameworks designed to help the youth-supporting field tell a clearer, more youth-centered story of America’s young people and the learning environments with which they interact.

  • 2020 Release

    2020 Building a Grad Nation report

    Progress and challenge in raising high school graduation rates

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    NEW: GradNation Shares Lessons Learned

    What does it take to help more young people—particularly those navigating the greatest barriers to graduation—graduate ready and well for whatever their futures hold? The GradNation campaign explores answers to this question in three new case studies highlighting promising practices and important lessons learned from states and communities in the Acceleration Initiative.

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    Resource: Managing the High School Experience During COVID-19

    The GradNation campaign, developed considerations and answers to frequently asked questions to help education and community leaders make informed decisions on supporting high school students-particularly high school seniors, through the disruptions caused by COVID-19.

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    More Than a Village

    Building relationships with young people is key to establishing trust and cultivating a deeper understanding of what youth need. Learn why from the newly released report from the Center of Promise.

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    Get the inside scoop on what is working in communities across the country to increase graduation rates, learn from community leaders who are doing great, and elevate your work.

Our Goal: Increase the nation’s on-time high school graduation rate to 90% for the class of 2020

The GradNation campaign provides those working to increase high school graduation rates with data, best practices and opportunities to connect and learn from one another.


  • 70% to 74.9%
  • 75% to 79.9%
  • 80% to 84.9%
  • 85% to 89.9%
  • 90% and above
2020 Building a Grad Nation Report

2020 Building a Grad Nation Report

This report explores progress and challenge in raising high school graduation rates. 

Co-Authored by:

Civic & Everyone Graduates Center


How to get involved

Get the inside scoop on what is working in communities across the country to increase graduation rates, learn from community leaders who are doing great, and elevate your work.

Are you seeing progress using a specific set of practices? Is your community responding to new youth needs in a creative way? Are you part of cross-sector approach that is working well? Share your story with the GradNation team at [email protected]

News from the Campaign

From 2011 to 2018, something remarkable happened in Chicago: graduation rates skyrocketed from 56.9 percent to 78.2 percent.  This inspiring 21 percentage point increase in young people earning a dip
Adelante Mujeres’ mission is to provide holistic education and empowerment opportunities to Latina women and their families. Part ofl this mission is to increase graduation rates of Latinos in her community.
“I want to help the people in my community demonstrate that regardless of where we come from or the disadvantages we face, we are able to achieve our dreams if we just keep working hard,” he said.
Tanya’s work with America’s Promise began in 2005 directing the planning and execution of professional development events designed to encourage greater focus and collaboration within communities to see that all young people receive the Five Promises.


America's Promise Alliance launched the campaign in 2010 and leads it today, in partnership with Civic Enterprises, the Everyone Graduates Center at the John Hopkins University School of Education, and the Alliance for Excellent Education.

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Everyone Graduates Center
Alliance for Excellent Education