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Diverse group of teens
What can states do to ensure that every student receives an effective education? What does a real commitment to equity look like? A panel of experts tackled these questions in their discussion of a new report, States Leading for Equity: Promising Practices Advancing the Equity Commitments. Here are the takeaways.
MeToo on screen
More than half of young people say they have experienced some form of sexual harassment in high school, yet schools often report zero instances of harassment—a figure experts say is “statistically impossible.” Why the disconnect between the data?
Passport to Success
Within the national debate on how to increase college graduates, a key actor is missing—the families of those students being served. Usually, the families are perceived as ‘obstacles’ in helping first generation students access and complete a post-secondary education.
Malcolm Mitchell receiving award at 20th Anniversary Promise Night
Young people across the country are improving media representation for people of color, promoting literacy education, speaking out against bullying, and much more. In honor of Black History Month, we compiled a list of seven African-American young leaders who are raising their voices, advocating for their causes, and fighting for a better future.

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John Gomperts, America's Promise Alliance
President & CEO America's Promise Alliance
For those of us who have worked on the GradNation campaign, the Ballou coverage has challenged us to reflect and question our own role in this story. What are the unintended consequences of setting an ambitious goal? How can we do better? What does this story, and the story of other schools now being investigated, mean for the broader story of our national progress?
Zarea Boyde

Zarea Boyde

What is the biggest issue facing your community and what should be done about it? This is the question select Dunbar High students answered in a two-minute "Project Soapbox" speech in participation with the Mikva Challenge, an organization that develops youth to be empowered, informed, and active citizens. This story is an edited version of 10th grader Zarea Boyde’s speech. Boyde was a finalist at Mikva Challenge D.C.'s citywide Project Soapbox competition in December.
Eva Harder
Writer and Editor, America's Promise Alliance
As 2017 comes to a close, we’ve gathered a handful of the stories that capture the kind of tough but important work that people across the country do with and for young people every day. If you’re tired of bleak headlines filling your newsfeed and want examples of how to enact positive change in ways both big and small, check out a few of our favorites from the last year.

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America’s Promise Alliance, with generous support from AT&T, announced today the selection of five states and communities as GradNation Acceleration Grant recipients, as part of the GradNation campaign to raise the high school graduation rate to 90 percent by 2020. The chosen grantees represent programs whose efforts are focused on accelerating progress for more young people to high school graduation and post-secondary success.
Joe Louis Barrow Jr., former CEO of The First Tee, and Dr. Michael L. Lomax, president and CEO of UNCF (United Negro College Fund), have been elected to its board of directors. Each will serve a three-year term, effective January 2018.
Recently, the U.S. Department of Education released new data to reflect the latest high school graduation rates. The national rate has reached 84.1 percent for 2016, up from 83.2 percent in 2015.

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