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2018 Grads of IVHS
Gene Merrill was born and raised in the rural Southern Oregon community of Cave Junction.
classroom be oneself
“All you got to do is to get suspended one time and you’re labeled. I see it, like they follow the same kids around, like everybody knows, ‘Hey, those are the bad kid.’”
Woman holding up sign for support of Title IX
Although sexual misconduct remains alarmingly pervasive in K-12 education, many schools, students, parents, and organizations aren’t aware of their responsibilities and individuals’ rights under Title IX. Here’s an overview on how Title IX applies to K-12 programs.
Youth discussing
What should teachers do if they suspect a student might be homeless? What about non-educators? Better yet, what can governors and legislators do to fight youth homelessness on a broad scale in their states and communities?

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Donavayn Robinson

Donavayn Robinson

High School Graduate
For youth to succeed in education, we need a shelter over our heads, we need food in our bodies, and we need a community. So make sure a student’s basic needs are met before you send them to detention or punish them.
Caitlin Caswell

Caitlin Caswell

Policy and Advocacy Intern, All4Ed
Students began listing the names of teachers who had left in the middle of the year, all of them white. Ninety-eight percent of students were children of color, mostly Latino, and 86 percent qualified for free or reduced-priced lunch. It had not escaped them that the majority of teachers who had quit did not look like them.
John Gomperts, America's Promise Alliance
President & CEO, America's Promise Alliance
If you want to know what young people need to succeed, it turns out you should just ask them. They’ll tell you. And they’ll make it clear that neither miracles nor miracle workers are required to help more students graduate from high school and be prepared for the future.

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Una investigación de Center for Promise arroja luz sobre las voces y experiencias de jóvenes afectados por la disciplina excluyente, la forma en que tales prácticas generan sentimientos y conductas de desvinculación, y la importancia de explorar sanciones no excluyentes con miras a obtener mejores resultados
Harsh school discipline policies and practices are leading students—particularly students of color and students with disabilities—to disconnect from school, according to a new report from the Center for Promise, the research institute of America’s Promise Alliance.
El informe Grad Nation destaca los avances y los desafíos a los que se enfrentan importantes subgrupos de estudiantes y las escuelas con bajas tasas de graduación en la nueva era ESSA Examina las con