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GradNation Community Summits

Held nationwide throughout 2016, GradNation Community Summits support and fuel collaborative, community-based efforts to increase high school graduation rates and provide an array of holistic supports that young people need to succeed.

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Community Activation

News from the Summits

Youth Thrive small
As Youth Thrive’s director of operations, Sara Carter works with a variety of community partners to reach more youth in North Carolina’s Wake County by increasing communication, identifying gaps, and aligning resources for youth programs and services.
Milwaukee Squared
Much of the day’s conversation stemmed from the idea that young people have all the intelligence, creativity, and drive they need to be successful—unfortunately, adults (and society at large) often limit this independence or otherwise fail to provide the support that young people need to develop their own potential.
Lorian OH Squared
Sometimes progress is not a straight line to the top, but instead marked with twists and turns. That’s the case for Lorain County, whose on-time high school graduation rates slid from 81.4 percent in 2009 to 67.8 percent in 2013.
Northfield Squared
The summit, which was convened by the Northfield Healthy Community Initiative, continued in that spirit of thinking through responsibility, relationships, and action steps, as the Northfield community examines how to better align its various stakeholders and interests in the common goal of seeing improved outcomes for young people.

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