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GradNation Community Summits

Held nationwide throughout 2016, GradNation Community Summits support and fuel collaborative, community-based efforts to increase high school graduation rates and provide an array of holistic supports that young people need to succeed.

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Community Activation

News from the Summits

Education is the single most influential factor in determining a child's success. This is a core belief of The United Way of Wyoming Valley.

With a current graduation rate of 87.3 percent, Massachusetts’ on-time high school graduation rate is higher than the national average.

Never give up,” was the message 13-year-old Zacharie Azevedo of Salida said he got from the Modesto GradNation Community Summit. That was precisely the message celebrity speakers and community leaders were sending.
To raise graduation rates and increase postsecondary enrollment in Fort Worth, Texas, the city plans on harnessing the power of collective action. “We are facing a crisis with our kids, and it has to be turned around,” said Betsy Mayor Price at the Fort Worth GradNation Community Summit, hosted by Price and Fort Worth SPARC, on Oct. 10.

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We have curated a collection of resources, reports and data to ensure those working at the state level to end the dropout crisis can easily find up-to-date and relevant information to inform the great work they do.


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